Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leatherwood Vinegary, A Winery Gone Sour

It's out! The book about a life infused with vinegar was released on Thursday of this last week.

I drove up to Dorset to join a gaggle of authors signing books at Sister Wolf Book's Authors and Artists' Festival on Friday. What a delightful small town. The winter population is 22. The summer population probably doesn't change since it fills with day visitors who eat at the Mexican or Italian restaurants, brouse the cozy book store or shop for antiques and then wander back to the area's resorts, inns and B&Bs. It was a buzzing place on Friday.

It feels pretty good to have the book on shelves though it's just a little too soon to find it in your local book store. Early reactions are good.

If you'd like a copy, just e-mail me for details.

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